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CHEAP Head lamp wiring upgrades

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  • CHEAP Head lamp wiring upgrades

    OK so I'm getting old, and having a hard time driving at night. So I found this and trippled the output of my head lights of all my vehicles.

    A little background, the stock lighting on a Jeep Cherokee and most older cars with sealed beam lamps just plain sucks, and newer cars really aren't much better. Sylvania made a big leap with their Silver Star and Silver Star Plus line of replacements but, for me it still wasn't enough. I wanted to out shine the high end imports and their HID systems, and I wanted to do it cheap.

    This is a simple upgrade and can be done in a few hours and for less than 25 bucks, unless you get new bulbs.

    The link is for older sealed beam or H-4 style lamps.

    If you have a newer car with 9*** style bulbs it can still be done but you need an old bulb to make an adapter plug.

    Making the adapter plug: take old bulb and wrap the glass part in a rag, break the glass with plyers (it makes a really loud pop when you do this). Break off all of the glass. Inside the bulb you will find 2 or 3 solid wires attached together, separate these wires, crimp a butt connector to each one, making sure none of the wires are touching fill the cavity in the base with silicone and let it set up for a few hours. Follow the instructions in the above link.

    Below is a schematic I drew up the last time I made a harness.