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  • Rubi is ready for the Sushi Invasion

    Daughter came home yesterday with an issue with won't go into park.

    First is such a pleasure to work on these jeeps...everything is accessible.

    I pulled the shift console off to see what was going on. It seems that the Parking button on the shifter is not activating the lever to go into the parking gate.

    After some quick google searches...this is what I found was the issue and fix.

    It seems that Jeep has a plastic rod type thing that goes from the T-Handle of the Auto shifter to the pin that releases it through the gears. This plastic rod breaks.

    The fix...are you a chop stick cut to size...

    Check it out:

    2017-01-19 14.07.43.jpg

    2017-01-19 14.07.48.jpg

    2017-01-19 14.09.41.jpg

    2017-01-19 14.10.10.jpg

    2017-01-19 14.12.07.jpg

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    I like the way you think!!!!!!! That's when you get magic Dad points


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      We done my buddies with a piece of 3/16 brake line , Chrysler says they'll break in cold temps
      Jeep Head