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OC MD Style Boardwalk Fries

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  • OC MD Style Boardwalk Fries

    These go great with the Ham BBQ or shrimp

    Items needed:
    A deep fryer with good temp controls.

    Scrub potatoes but DO NOT remove the skins.
    Slice potatoes into aprox 1/2"X1/2" french fries.
    DO NOT wash after slicing.

    Heat deep fryer to 250 and fry potatoes for 5 min, remove and let cool and oil drain.
    Bring deep fryer to 350/400 and refry potatoes till golden. Remove from fryer and let drain for 2 or 3 min. Dump fries into large bowl and salt to taste and serve (try sea salt , kosher salt or canning salt).

    Ketsup is great on fries but for something different try mayo, malt vinegar, ****tail sauce, old bay, nacho cheese or any mixture of them.