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Avalanche GTG - Blackwater Falls State Park, WV (My post)

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  • Avalanche GTG - Blackwater Falls State Park, WV (My post)

    Some of you may know that there is a national Avalanche Club that I belong to.

    We had a "small" GTG (Get ToGether) this past weekend and I thought I would pass on some pics of the weekend. It was a blast...there ended up being 27 Rigs and over 100 people. People came from Canada, NJ, PA, OH, MI, VA, WV, FL, NC & SC. Mother Nature threw us everything from Torrential Downpours to 73 degrees to Snow...

    Here are some pics...By the way I am BBB (BigBlockBirch)

    I will make some comments to help with some of the pics...some of you will get them... :laugh:

    Ran into OBB & Twiggy in Deep Creek, MD on the way down...what are the odds of that?

    Those WV people are Faaaaannny and they only have about 20 letters in their alphabet...

    13 Rigs at the Falls...two more showed up late...

    WVAvalanche (TaneyCat) trying to balance on one foot while he drags on his cig... You don't want to the see the outcome.

    The official WWWV Mascot...Bella

    RCHeliGuy and I decided when everyone abandoned us to take the Yota for a ride...

    OBB was getting he was drilling, Twiggy came by and hit him over the head... :beating:

    This is just wrong...

    To be cont...

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    Re: Avalanche GTG - Blackwater Falls State Park, WV

    Smoke Hole Caverns

    COLE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?????

    Here is a picture let me get this straight... MrsBubba taking a picture of Lit'l Bubba and Bubba Jr...Is that Right???

    Hey Pat look at this???

    OBB why are you holding your ears...was there someone loud in the Caverns???

    Here is a picture of the Purest Artisian cannot find anything purer until BBB Blows Chunks in it...well that attraction is closed... :9:

    Can you see the Prairie Dog??? I bet Cabin 14 would have seen a lot more...

    And the Cat lying down...

    Cole Says...OK...I am going to shut all the lights off so you can see what TD (Total Darkness) is... Surprise, BBB is in your group...deer in head lights... WVAvalanche-Who is pinching your butt???? ???

    Party is next...

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      Re: Avalanche GTG - Blackwater Falls State Park, WV (I am BBB)

      All I can say is wow when it came to this party...

      JohnBChef...that grill was a life daughter would have starved to death if those hot dogs weren't done so fast... :

      CodeBlue'sWife modding before CodeBlueEMT gets over to the truck...ooops too late

      Sangria (Thanks Moddess) and Home brewed Wine (OBB) and tons more beverages made for an interesting evening...

      The food spread was name it, it was there...

      Great People, great fun and Great new friends...

      WVAvalanche...Happy 28th Birthday!!! (for the second time) and this is how you saw him...

      GoldBowTie...winner of the coveted Dirtiest Truck Prize...

      I thought that was a boobie prize??? But there was still the tradition...he is soo sly...

      The weather was incredible...73 yesterday...Could not have asked for anything better...then Mother Nature threw a curve ball.

      Good Morning everyone....


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