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Electric versus Nitro

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  • Electric versus Nitro

    With me doing a second conversion from Nitro to Electric, It got me thinking about what everyone's thoughts are on the subject.

    Is Nitro losing ground?
    Is Electric opening a new field?

    Post up your thoughts...think of this as a debate...

    Vote on the poll but also plead your case...

    Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread

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    Re: Electric versus Nitro

    I voted electric cause, if you're running nitro you had better be making 6000hp and have and have a name like Force or Prudome


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      Re: Electric versus Nitro

      i like electric, too much fussing with nitro top get it to run right, with lipo and brushless electric is going to take over. its only a matter of time, they are way easier to set up and tune.

      but then again i guess the testing and tuning is fun for some people.


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        Re: Electric versus Nitro

        I have to admit that I find running and racing electric cleaner and easier than nitro. It's easier to set up a fast or competitve rig and keep it that way, but I can't help but laugh out loud when I run the Tmaxx or Savage and there's nothing like putting my 1/8 buggy in the A!

        I gotta go with RUN 'EM ALL!!!! Just keep playin'!


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          Re: Electric versus Nitro

          Its funny. Years ago electric was the only way to go. Then when Traxxas RTR came to the table Nitro grew, and became more reliable. Now with Lipo and brushless electric is back again.

          Run both.

          The noise of Nitro still attracts more attention.


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            Re: Electric versus Nitro

            i voted electric, cause of this:

   ... D=LOSA0803

            yeah, that's right, losi's dropping a FACTORY BUILT big brushless buggy on us!!!


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              Re: Electric versus Nitro

              Love nitro, always have. It has its time and place. As long as you know it, and use it properly it does its job 100% I have my electrics and my nitros. I don't run nitro nearly as much as the electric but when I do I still light up like a little kid.


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                Re: Electric versus Nitro

                Personally, I play with electrics more. Way more. I don't even own a nitro vehicle. All electric & 1 gasser. I fix, tune, modify nitro rigs all day so when I do get to play I don't wanna tune or twist wrenches...
                I wanna pull trigger!

                Business wise I love Nitro I have had an off-road track for years. 90% of my customers run nitro. I make good money breaking in & tuning newbs nitro mills for them. I helping someone do a brushless conversion right now and I told them "It's pricey, but once this is all finished & running you'll be done w/me-out having fun. While the nitro guys will be back time & time again because their rig won't start or run right. And even if it does they'll still be back for fuel and glow plugs."

                So I selected run em both, and run em hard
                I'm trying to make a living here


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                  Re: Electric versus Nitro

                  My late dad used to fly RC and Control Line planes when I was a kid, so I got quite used to sound and smell of Nitro used in the engines.

                  When I got into RC I was electric as it was cheaper at the time overall.

                  As I progressed, and then seen how nitro's ran on the ground, I was hooked.

                  I still the electrics for quick runs, but i GLOW when running a Nitro mill

                  The sounds and smells of running Nitro just have this subconcious effekt of make'n what your doing "seem more real" lol

                  I kan't afford to do what I do in 1:1, hell I kan barely afford to do it in RC, but I get it as klose as I kan