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  • It lives!

    I'd recently put together an AX10 and when I got to the electronics, couldn't get it to run at all, I tried everything possible, but no go. After PM'ing Jake from CKRC, he decided I should ship my radio setup back to be looked at (A Hitec Aggressor). I didn't hear back on what was wrong, but he shipped out a Futuba radio and the Sidewinder ESC instantly programmed it! I'm not sure if it was broken or just a compatibility issue, but whatever, it's working now and I'm happy . I also picked up a Castle Link cable and software and have to say it's pretty badass
    Now that I've gotten to drive the truck a little bit, I'm impressed! I see why people hack thei bodies so much, because I'm getting some major rubbing, but I like the stock looks, so I'm just gonna deal with it. I'll pick up a different body to hack up later on.

    If I come out to the comp tomorrow, can I join in on the scaler run afterwards? I'd like to get the thing out on some real rocks, rather than my couch and firewood pile. I don't know much about this, but my radio is on 75.630mhz and they're the only crystals I have. Are there ever problems with people being on the same frequency?

    Thanks guys


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    Re: It lives!

    Just show up...we will figure it out...

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      Re: It lives!

      you are more than welcome to come out and crawl!