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Paypal's Gift option and why you shouldn't use it!

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  • Paypal's Gift option and why you shouldn't use it!

    We advise against using the PayPal gift option to pay for an item from a seller you do not know or trust. Payments that use the gift option are not protected under PayPal's buyer protection. It's almost like mailing cash in an envelope. It's a trend starting to pop up online, people sell items and ask that payment be made using the gift option to save the Paypal fees then never ship anything to you. You cannot open a claim in Paypal, since they were never supposed to send you anything in return for a "gift".

    Trying to save a few dollars may cost you far more money!

    Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread

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    Watch out if you use the paypal mobile app. I didn't realize that it was defaulted to personal payment and sent several payments out as such.


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      I only gift with close friends, the rest can eat the fees. But this has been common knowledge for years regarding Paypal.