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Bloopers...Post up your blunders here

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  • Bloopers...Post up your blunders here

    Well here is one of mine.

    Testing the new Corefire Brushless System from RC4wd. Old Man 52 is driving while I am videoing...

    The rest is history...


    Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread

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    well what can i say , its trail tested.
    Jeep Head


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      None of these were my own personal blunders, but here's a few 1:1 blunders that I witnessed.

      My buddy, Kupe, in a friend's yard:

      Here's an HRJA member on Upper Twister at Wellsville, OH:

      ...and here is a guy that we followed up Staircase/Guardrail at Tellico, NC. He was almost entirely to the top when his ooops occured:

      We didn't get any action pics of the carnage as we were all too busy sprinting up the hill to help him.

      He went straight over backward, then slid 30 feet or so on the top of his cage, before it caught hurling him into the steel cable "Guardrail" that saved him from about a 700' descent.


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        Here's another guy that used to be in my Jeep club putting on a show at Wellsville.

        edit: why can't I get the embedding to work?
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          Upper twister in wellsville when its soaked, thats when poop happens lol, gets like ice. fun as hell though.


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            This is a horrible video. Basically, my buddy had a helmet cam on and recorded me doing this climb...he took this vidoe with his cell phone and sent it to me which is why the quality sucks.

            The hill is steep although it doesn't look it in the video...just watch how it rolls down when I bail out!

            There is a small creek bed a t the bottom so I really didn't get any traction...then there is a shale face right where the front end comes up...tried to launch the bike hoping my buddy would stop it for me, be he hid behind the tree!

            My brother comes down to try and he almost goes down the hill withthe bike!