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NEW PRODUCT: Fantom Pro 3800 Li-Po Pack

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  • NEW PRODUCT: Fantom Pro 3800 Li-Po Pack


    New from Fantom Racing:

    RACE ENGINEERED. PRO QUALITY. AFFORDABLE. Providing our customers with the best high-performance racing products has been our passion for over 13 years. As fellow racers, we know that you want pro-quality products at affordable prices. We are confident that our new 3800 Pro Li-Po packs will exceed all of your expectations. Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for both racers and backyard bashers alike. With our affordable pricing, now anyone can enjoy the ease of use and performance benefits of this technology.


    * Capacity: 3800mAh
    * Nominal Voltage: 2 Cell (2S1P) / 7.4V
    * Continuous Discharge: 25C+ 95 Amp
    * Dimensions: (L) 137mm x (W) 46mm x (T) 23mm
    * Weight: 235 grams


    * High-Performance Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) technology engineered for all 1/10 scale racing applications.
    * High-Output 25C+ rating provides enough horsepower for the most demanding levels of competition.
    * Durable hard case features simulated cell contour on bottom to match profile of traditional 6-cell sub-c packs.
    * Label available in blue, gray, or orange to match your vehicle's body colors.
    * Connection terminals are molded into case and work with all standard 4mm bullet style connectors such as Corally, Sermos, etc.
    * Balancer input is molded into case and is standard 2mm bullet type.
    * Includes hardware shown in above photo.
    * Drop-in convenience fits all chassis designed for traditional 6-cell sub-c battery packs.
    * Easy maintenance; requires no complex charge, discharge, or cycling procedures.
    * No memory effects from charging and/or discharging. Does not require complete discharging after each run. Pack can be charged from point of previous discharge state.
    * Pack can be charged days or weeks in advance of use.
    * Unlike Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh batteries that continue to lose voltage during a race, Li-Po batteries maintain a continuous 7.4V+ flat-line voltage the entire race for consistent lap times start to finish.
    * Manufactured by Intellect; highly respected in the R/C industry, with a reputation for producing some of the highest quality racing batteries available.
    * Meets all ROAR specifications.


    * This product includes a 30 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects and will be replaced free of charge (less return shipping to us), if upon inspection we determine the malfunction was caused by a manufacturing defect. A proof of purchase receipt MUST accompany any warranty request. Following the initial 30 day warranty replacement period, we offer a lifetime no-fault replacement program. After the initial 30 day warranty period, you may return the pack for any reason and receive a new pack for 30% off our web site price, plus shipping. The returned pack can only be exchanged for a 2-cell / similar capacity pack.

    WARNING / DISCLAIMER: The above product is manufactured using high-output Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) technology. Lithium packs have the potential to burn if mistreated and have been known to burn under normal conditions and use as well. Avoid shorting as permanent cell damage can occur, which is extremely dangerous. Mishandling, improper use, (sometimes proper use), and overcharging can result in explosion and/or fire. You MUST use a charger and/or balancer designed specifically for Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) 2 cell battery packs, and you MUST follow ALL instructions, warnings, and precautions indicated by the charger/balancer manufacturer. Fantom and/or employees of Fantom and/or affiliates of Fantom are not and cannot be held liable for any damage and/or injury resulting from the use, non-use, and/or misuse of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all risks and liabilities.

    FANTOM PRO 3800 Li-Po w/ Blue label
    MSRP: $152.00
    Your Price: $84.95

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