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Spektrum Power System Requirements

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  • INFO Spektrum Power System Requirements

    I have ran into this on all my rigs...The key is more than 4V...

    Thursday, May 31, 2007
    With all radio installations it is vital the onboard power system provides adequate power of 4 volts or more without interruption to the receiver even when the system is fully loaded (servos at maximum flight loads). This becomes especially critical with giant scale models that utilize multiple high torque/ high current servos. Inadequate power systems that are unable to provide the necessary minimum voltage to the receiver during flight loads have become the number one cause of in flight failures.
    Click the link below to read more about recommended power system guidelines.
    Spektrum Receiver Power System Requirements
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    Re: Spektrum Power System Requirements

    Here is Castle Creations Response

    CC BEC/SPEKTRUM Compatibility instructions

    Castle has learned of a slight incompatibility of the CC BEC with the SPEKTRUM AR 6100, 6200, 7000, and JR 790 ScanSelect receivers. There is a very easy work around for our customers who already have the CC BEC and we are making modifications to the components of all new CC BECs that are built from Nov. 1, 2007, forward.

    The simple explanation is that the CC BEC, like most Castle products, is designed to be USB linkable via the signal wire on the servo connector. As part of that, the CC BEC will pull the signal wire to ground unless it is sending a signal on that line. Nothing out of the ordinary with this. Similarly, the Spektrum team designed these receivers to look for a grounded signal pin on the battery port in order to initiate binding. Nothing strange there either. Castle does something similar with our Berg receivers. The problem is that the two designs result in the CC BEC triggering the receiver's binding mode immediately upon power up. We have redesigned the CC BEC to facilitate the USB activities without initiating the binding mode.

    For those of you with the affected CC BECs and Spektrum receivers there are at least three solutions:

    1. Remove the orange signal wire from the CC BEC RX power lead before you plug the lead into the battery port on the receiver.
    2. Plug the entire/intact lead from the CC BEC into any other port on the receiver.
    3. Use a "Y" connector to plug the entire CC BEC lead into any port other than the BATT port on the receiver.

    If you are unsatisfied with any of the above solutions, please simply send your CC BEC to Castle for upgrade.

    Please note that this incompatibility will be immediately apparent. There are no known issues after the system is successfully powered up.

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