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Axial Ax10 Pro or Ax10 RTR

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    With the rapid growth of RC Crawling the Axial Ax10 is a good place to start. The thing to think about is which one is right for you !?!?!?!? Weather you are a newb or a seasoned crawler it’s good to compare the two offerings from Axial.

    AX10 Pro
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
    The Ax10 Pro kit is another creature. The Pro setup like the RTR the Pro kit is ready to crawl after assembly, minus electronics. The Differences from the RTR to the Pro are Aluminum links Locked Aluminum diffs. Front and rear, Adjustable body post, Steel hardware, different style Wheels and mainly the ability to customize your setup. While building the kit you have the options of link positioning to get the center of balance to your liking as well as adding weight to your wheels to get the traction to the ground. You also have the options of electronics placement (battery, Speed control and receiver).
    While on the electronics topic there are a lot of choices in electronics you will need a Radio/Receiver, Electronic Speed control, motor and A high torque servo. This is based on your choice and budget as a rule it’s good to get the best gear you can afford you will have it a long time and won’t be sorry.

    Ax10 Pro Instruction Manual:

    AX10 RTR
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
    The out of the box RTR kit offers a good foundation for beginners to get a feel for the sport. Just get a battery (not included) charged and put eight (8) AA (not included) batteries in the radio and you are on your way. The front Diff is not locked and will need to be if you plan on crawling, but the instructions included detail how to do this. This kit comes with two pinions; one geared for racing and the other for slow speed crawling. Some other features are plastic link setup, beadlock wheels, High torque servo, speed control, motor and a slipper clutch on the transmission included all in one box. This is truly a good place to start if your building skills aren’t what you feel they should be. This kit is interchangeable with parts from the Ax10 Pro kit and can be upgraded to a formidable crawler.

    RTR Instruction manual:

    Below is a side by side comparison of the to kits features:

    Ax10 Pro. / Ax10 RTR

    Links: Alum. / Plastic
    Gearing: 14t / 14t & 20t
    Solid Axles: Yes / Yes
    80-125mm Shocks: Yes / Yes
    Transmitter: No / Yes
    Battery: No / No
    F/R Locker: Alum. / Sintered
    Full Ball Bearings: Yes / Yes
    Slipper Clutch: No / No
    Body: B17 Betty / Baja Buzzard
    (Clear) (Painted)
    Steel Hardware Yes / No
    Adj. Body Post: Yes / No
    Wheels: 2.2 Rockster Beadlocks - 2.2 8 Hole Beadlocks
    Tires: 2.2 Axial Rock Lizards - 2.2 Axial Rock Lizards

    This is a Build/mod thread Link from to get the more out of your Pro Kit:
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    Re: Axial Ax10 Pro or Ax10 RTR

    great info.


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      Re: Axial Ax10 Pro or Ax10 RTR

      I bought the kit just for the fun of the build, but I might pick up an RTR sometime as well to maybe build something more of a scaler out of, I'd just use the electronics that came with it. I do like the solid axle of the RTR and would probaby swap it into my current one. I'm not crazy about the lockouts.


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        Re: Axial Ax10 Pro or Ax10 RTR

        I just put straight axle adapters on a set of AX10 axles. Easy swap and don't have to disassemble the entire axle. A little pricey but worth it for a comp build.