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    My bro told me that the landy was to tall for coles course, so I got to thinking about what body to run, and I came up with a semi scale comp truck.

    Let me know what you think. Its a new bright Rubicon body. 12.5 wb and limited flex.

    It makes it look like a wrangler on full widths and extended wb.

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    Re: new body

    I like the look of it much better Just make sure you've got enough weight down low, that hard body is going to make you top heavy. I dropped the ride height of my scaler with 10.5 wb and it handles much better.

    Looking good


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      Re: new body

      I have a battery mounted to each upper links, then I also have 5 ounces of wight in each front wheel and 3 ounces in each rear, the body is set down as low as ill take it, and I also limited the flex so that it just rubs a little on the front and rear.

      i have to have both the front and rear wheel almost touching the ground before it goes over.

      i need to charge the battery's to do a better test on it.

      this is full flex.

      and these are the limiters I made even though this is a comp truck. the tires binded up on the rear of the body and stoped the truck.



      sorry about the crappy phone pics.