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  • Tuber Tune-Up!

    Most of you have seen my Berg tuber by now.

    I'm very satisfied w/the axles & pretty happy with my current setup, but it could be better.

    My WB is a very short 11 3/4". And prolly needs stretched out. My rear motor gets hung up alot. I'm going to clock the rear axle as far as I can when my lock-outs show up. Depending on how that affects it I may or may not stretch it out.

    Also my rear shocks are too stiff. They're Tamiya springs from who knows what! It has decent flex it just takes too much force to get it. I'm gonna see what I have in the shock drawer. If there's nothing good I may have to order some.

    Then there's my links!!!!!!!!!!!!! You prolly have seen this

    It's a good & bad thing. I have a love-hate relationship w/ my delrin links. They're 3/16" and flex alot! They haven't really hurt me, but they have helped me. The whole spring launch thing is cool. It put me in perfect position on gate 3 course 3 at BG. I just need to be able to predict what it's gonna do. I also had a rod end pull out when I launched off that rock face. It threaded back on but I don't think it'll last to much longer.

    So I gotta do some wrenching!

    What to do

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    Re: Tuber Tune-Up!

    Stay with the delrin but go up one should help with the uncontrolled flex but still give you some forgiveness...

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      Re: Tuber Tune-Up!

      use tubing instead of rod... the tubing is stronger due to more surface area... that is why they use tubing on roll cages.


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        Re: Tuber Tune-Up!

        I didn't mess with the lower links yet. I put some longer upper rear link on it too clock the rear axle some more.

        And my lockouts showed up

        Ground clearance is 3 3/4" as it sits now.

        I ran it a little and the rear motor doesn't get hung up as much. I may or may not stretch it out before the next comp. Think I gonna try and snap my links 1st with some extreme !!!!