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    I thought I would share what I have done so far with mine so as to hopefully get everyone else up and running faster. I took a shot of the internals in case anyone needs it for reference. That parts feel like cast but all fit together perfectly with zero slop anywhere. The gears are all steel.

    The factory bearings are junk. They are unsealed and low quality. It is a good idea to replace them with quality rubber sealed bearings.

    The outer axle tube bearing is a 5x8. In the knuckles, you need a 5x10 and a 10x15, the same as an AX10.

    Apparently the stock stubs are breaking easy. Axial ones are a direct replacement and are plentiful. In stock form, there are two o-rings inside the axle stub cup. When you install the Axial stub axle, you only need one o-ring.

    I damaged a stock one, but I would imagine it is not damage most people should expect. I installed a slightly modified set of STRC knuckles for the AX10. As you can see, they two are nearly identical. The difference, you can see in the pic, is that the surface where the king pin screw passes through is too thick on the Axial one, so it needs filed down until the Berg bushing just barely passes all the way through.

    I discovered that when you reverse the rear knuckles, a link made from two standard Traxxas ends butted together are the perfect length. No measuring needed.

    I stole the layout from a buddy and it is flawless. Here is what you need to do it correctly.

    Radio Shack Switches You need two of them, either on from this link will work.

    You also need a micro servo and a double ended horn for it. These are nice and cheap, any LHS should have something that will work. They do not need to be strong at all, they exert no pressure at all.

    Here is a basic wiring diagram. This could also be used on a Super truck with a 4 channel radio to add front and rear dig.

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