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OTA Servo Brackets for the WK..

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  • OTA Servo Brackets for the WK..

    Ok Going to give this a serious shot, Here are two really nice designs from over on RCC, I have actually cut out both of them using a sheet of aluminum, I actually am running the second "Hammerhead" design minus the battery tray., I had to modify mine a little bit in order to clear the lower links that I am using, as well as the tires on the drivers side...
    here are the designs, PLEASE NOTE, these are not my patterns, and you may have to modify them somewhat to get them to work on you WK,
    Measure twice cut once! I have gone through about a dozen heavy duty cut off wheels, and about half a dozen reinforced cut off wheels making the two..

    On my WK i have found that there is a bit of flex in the mount, I am probably going to add a support bracket close to if not directly linked to the front and rear of the left side knuckle.....
    Here is the bracket in place...

    Good luck guys and please feel free to post up any sort of bracket that you have come up with!

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    Re: OTA Servo Brackets for the WK..

    I like that mount much better than mine. I went with the simplest one on there and it's too tall. The suspension can't bottom out because the servo hits. It's not bad when I'm crawling because I'm usually twisted to one side or the other, but a few times it has gotten in the way.


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      Re: OTA Servo Brackets for the WK..

      Actually, since my Wk is sort of turning into a 2.2 scaler I've been toying with the idea of relocating the servo back up in the frame somewhere, but haven't quite figured it out since I did the chassis flip.

      Maybe I'll just wait till I get a decent scale frame.