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Predator WK Super Class Chassis!

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  • Predator WK Super Class Chassis!

    Ok I kind of joked about having to build up a WK based super.. But the reality is that there IS a chassis to do so now!
    This is the product of Jetboat (over on RCC) who is the President of the SCRC (Suburban Chicago Rock Crawlers).
    The Chassis is designed to run a 14 inch and up to 17 inch wheelbase.
    It is a TVP style design, and is meant to run pretty much stock WK components, INCLUDING the WK tranny, the only things one has to add are a Motor clocking plate, and a pair of OTA servo mounts.
    Here is the initial design and video,
    Jetboat has come up with a secondary design that tucks in the undercarrige a bit,

    as well as offering powdercoating!

    Currently the price on the chassis is 55 dollars and 5 dollars shipping, it does come with a skidplate as well made from cutting board materiel, so it is easy to drill for whatever style tranny you opt to run, the secondary design is more meant for an RC4WD R2 trans.
    Here are a couple of links in regards to the subject,
    The build thread over on RCC
    And the SCRC homepage,
    I am going to keep on top of further develpoments on this design and hopefully down the road maybe run one myself...
    to many ideas swirling through my head right now tho..