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The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

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  • The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

    There is so Much information out there on so many sites, So With the help of a couple of sponsors, Both major manufacturers of aftermarket goodies and AB Charles Hobby shop, We are proud to bring you the first of what we hope is many buildups...

    The Main Idea here is to consolidate a lot of the mods that are spread out amongst a million boards and posts into one major buildup that will benefit everyone from the Newbie to the more experienced builder.
    Stage 1:
    Here I will cover the bases for the most basic WK mods to get you out on the rocks... Keep in mind this is more general basher with Rock crawling capabilities....
    First thing is to get yourself some beadlock wheels and capable tires..
    For the build we are using RC4WD Crazy Crawlers, and a set of their BioHazard Wheels, Now there are so many alternatives out there for Beadlock wheels you don't have to go out and get these for yourself... but they are so cool!

    Once you have your wheels and tires mounted up you are going to want to remove the rear brace out of the lower links..

    Doing this will loosen up your WK and allow for greater articulation,

    At this point we are going to take out the stock 27t motor and install an Integy 55T Lathe motor, that is going to give us a lot more low end grunt, while still having some decent wheel speed.
    To get out the motor remove the dustcover from the pinion and spur gear, and undo the stock motor, and replace it with the Integy unit.

    I will let you know that without locking the differentials the truck is going to remain more of a basher than a crawler, In Stage 2, I will cover the Stretching of the Wheelbase, Locking the diffs, and the Chassis Flip that gets the Newer folks so confused.

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    Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

    Alright chassis swap!

    Here we are going to take the rear axle and swap it into the front, and "Flip" the chassis.... One important thing to remember is that when you are doing this, swap your center link mount to the "Bottom" Of the axle (basically you are flipping the axle over when you swap the position)

    To remove the axle (we are going to start with the rear axle) You undo the outer screws from the bottom of the chassis, you are going to want to use an allen key to hold the center piece in place..

    Also remove the screw holding the upper link in place as well as unscrewing the shocks, and the complete axle assembly will come out as one unit.

    At this point it is also easiest to install a Locker for constant power to all wheels, we are using an STRC unit for the front and rear lockers, to cut costs you can also use JB weld to lock up the spider gears.

    Once the axle assembly is apart undo the bevel gear and differential, remove all the internals, including the large shims as the locker component is large enough to fill the space in the differential case without them.

    Now we are ready to reassemble the axle, since this is going to be the front axle from here on out, we are going to install more STRC aluminum components, Notice I am leaving the upper link in place for now as a reference as to the original top of the axle, I will put it where it belongs when we install the links to stretch the wheelbase.

    Repeat the process for "locking" the differentials front and rear.


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      Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

      Now its time to reassemble the axles... we are going to do the rear axle first...
      since we are adding a straight axle adapter we are going to eliminate the stock drive shaft & dog bone cup.

      The replacement straight axle and adapter also eliminates one of the bearings from the axle...
      after installing the guts of the axle, reattach the axle halves, and push the STRC straight axle ends.

      The addition of the straight axle kit eliminates all of the slop normally associated with the stock WK rear steering lockout setup. Keep in mind this is one of many ways to lockout the rear steer feature.

      Next up is the former rear axle that is going to be the front axle...
      After reassembling the middle section of the axle we are going to use the STRC aluminum steering knuckles and C's...

      when assembling/replacing the stock parts make sure to check the new parts for smooth operation and smooth turning capabilities, we don't want any binding...

      The next installment will cover the link & shock setup!


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        Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

        For our links we are again using STRC products, you are going to have to add your own ball ends for this step, I used Traxxas Ball ends for mine and this build, Now in the package there are 4 ball ends with smaller shoulders that we are going to use for the shocks....
        Now remember the original lower links that we removed? Well grab them up and a pair of sharp dikes....

        CAREFULLY cut the center section out...we are going to reuse this when we install the new links...
        This is what it looks like with one side removed...
        remove the other lower link and repeat the process for the rear link mount..

        On the other end of the lower links is another part that we are going to want to save, the link mount... CAREFULLY pop off the C clip that holds the holds the lower link in place, set the shaft and c clip aside as they will be used again...

        In this picture you will notice the shocks area attached the same way to the other half of the link/shock mount... Carefully remove the C clip again as well as the shaft and put it with the others...

        Removal of the C clips is best done with a SMALL screwdriver, and a SLIGHT amount of pressure.... Be careful as there is tension on them and the sometimes fly off...


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          Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

          Time for the Extended Link setup...
          The Links go together very easily, you will have to add a set of Traxxas ball ends to the STRC Link set to complete them, The Links come with a threaded peice of rod, that has a allen key socket located in one end, the opposite/Blank end (without the socket in it) is the one that will go into the ball end,

          Here are the lower Link and shock mounts, Using some spacers from the local hardware store I have staggered the link and shocks.
          When placing the stock link/shock mounts you are going to want to turn them so that they are going to be on the inside of the axle...
          here the assembled lower link/shock setup is shown completed,

          Next up I am going to show the basic assembly of the Losi Crawler shocks, this is a very easy process, the trickiest part is placement of the C clips,
          I am using the Traxxas ball ends on the lower part of the shocks as they will give more clearance when assembled and placed on the axle.

          The shock assembly after the building of the plunger & shaft is simple as pie, all you need to do is add your preference of shock oil, and set the adjustable collar to the height that you desire. For our purposes we are using 30 weight Integy shock oil.


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            Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

            For placement of the shocks we are going to have to alter the mounting points, as well as add in some spacers to make up for the shorter shocks and wider shock bodies, The shocks are mounted to the frame using a short piece of fuel line tubing, as well as a nylon spacer, the fuel line tubing is pushed through the upper shock mounting hole and will provide the twist & give that is desirable..

            The front shocks are going to be mounted to the frame just below the stock location,

            The rear shocks are mounted behind the stock position and at a lower point,


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              Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

              Body on!!!

              Just need to mount it up and we will be good to go!


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                Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

                I decided to remount the rear shocks in the location just below the original location, this will give the shocks a bit more of an angle and give better articulation...

                Also I mounted up the steering servo and created a link using allthread and some brass tubing to cover up the alltread and give it a bit more strenth, it is attached to the Integy steering link using some of the leftover Traxxas ballends, as well as one of the rounded screws that was included in the Integy kit.

                Now for the getting the power from the motor to the axles, I used Traxxas driveshafts, and cut them down to fit our application, you will also have to drill out the ends as the Input on the axle and output on the tranny are larger then the stock holes on the driveshafts, When you cut down your own driveshafts make sure to clean up any excess materiel as it can cause binding, and not let the shafts slide the way they should..

                And here it is all completed and ready for its new owner!

                Good Luck to all that entered for a chance to win this rig, I had alot of fun putting it together, and hope that it helps someone out in the future!
                Crawler King


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                  Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

                  First off, I want to thank Crawler_King for taking on this project that I asked him to do. He has really devoted a lot of time and talent to it.

                  I also want to put a thanks out to the following vendors that helped make this happen (Alphabetical Order):

                  [center:191yx1uu]AB Charles Hobby Shop

                  ST Racing Concepts


                  [center:191yx1uu]GOOD LUCK WITH THE RAFFLE AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT ON THE ROCKS!!!


                  Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread


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                    Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

                    Thanks to all the vendors and Dad for setting this up!

                    Nice job on the build there CK

                    You guys Rock!


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                      Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

                      thanks to the vendors and great write up and build king!! awesome!!


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                        Re: The WPAC Ultimate WK Build up.

                        Looking good !!!!!!!

                        Great build and thanks to the Vendors


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                          So did this rig ever get run? I was a bit unsure of a few things when I put her together.. a follow up would be nice or if I screwed somthing up a pm would be cool...


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                            You would have seen it at Raceway last week. He's turning it into a rock racer basher...

                            Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread


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                              I have been down and out for the last two weeks, first sick then an allergic reaction to penicellen, I just went back to work today..