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XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

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  • XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

    Well I got a few XTM X-Crawlers in & wanted to see what they were all about.

    The box isn't that impressive, but it's what's inside that counts! And it was packaged well.

    The body is 15 3/4" tall & 7" wide. I has overspay film a nice sticker sheet, but no window masks.

    Instruction manual & extra hardware.

    The chassis is pretty basic. Nice aluminum links & shocks.

    Dual shelfs for battery & electronics.

    Countersunk hardware on skid.

    Maxx sized aluminum beadlocks. They could use a lil more backspacing IMO. Tires come mounted, that's a plus.... I guess!

    Tires seem to be soft, and the tread is different. When I was messing with them on the counter they make that squealing sound like RC4WD tires do. So................... gonna have to actually get em out on the rocks to see how they do. The foams are pretty soft but may need tuning.

    Here's the important part. AXLES!!!

    Full lock. If CVD's become available they should improve steering.

    15" wide from outside of tires.

    Axles are pretty stout. The tubes are bolted to the center housing so clocking them shouldn't be an issue.

    Width 10 3/4" from end of stub to stub.

    Basic servo mount. I don't like how the steering link have so much thread exposed!

    Two piece knuckes & nice beefy aluminum hex.

    When I tried to take the axle housing apart I couldn't! The drive shaft seems to be one piece. I guess they pressed the dogbone pins on after assembly. Which doesn't make sense to me, but it's one less thing to strip! I just expected the axles to be splined. Thery are drilled and pinned & the main gear is slotted to accept it.

    Gears are pretty stout. Looks like big berg gears.

    All of the hardware is 2.5mm or 3mm & is loctited. Axles are nice and smooth, bearings throughout. Everything is assembled you just have to connect the links to the axles w/the included hardware & install your electronics of course.

    I think XTM did an excellent job on thier first attempt. There are a few things that I would change, but it's a nice truck overall. Very stout and should be a tough rig!

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    Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

    Great review...

    Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread


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      Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

      Great job with the pics and review Matt.

      BUT! That thing looks good...I might have to have one of those. Hopefully you'll have one when I get down there.


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        Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

        nice!! thanks for the info.

        it looks pretty good.

        i see a couple things i dont like, but for the most part it looks like a pretty good out of the box crawler.

        i would change the shock mounts on the links, big hang up point if links are sliding on rocks, and the links also look like the stick way too far off the chassis. another spot to get hung up on, i would inboard them.

        its great to see a super kit though!!


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          Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

          Nice to see another option for Super axles. Not my cup of tea being MOA, but they do look pretty good!


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            Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

            just got my electronics today! damn hobby store didnt have them and had to be ordered will be putting then on tomorrow,ill see if i cant put a review up for it myself,i plan on taking it to some offroading trails and seeing how well it does on different types of rocks as well as seeing how it will do on verticle climb and side of the hill climbing,this thing is a beast and well built as always there are things which need to be changed,but for xtm's first attempt into the rock crawling of supers id say well done and keep up the good work,will have pics/vid asap!


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              Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!


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                Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

                very nice. i am considering just getting one of these for the $399 price tag mostly for the wheels and axles, as opposed to spending almost as much building up the set of clod axles i have sitting here. the price that XTM lists these for is INSANE considering what you are getting.


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                  Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

                  i quite agree i was shocked at the price for full aluminum i remember spending a lot for aluminum chassis pieces for other rc's.


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                    Re: XTM's X-Crawler Exposed!

                    XTM is really good at NOT SHAFTING their end-user market on kost The XTM X-Factor 2 nitro monster-truck only runs around $350 inkludeing engine

                    Looks like a really nise/good Super preboxed and ready to go. Personally I think it's of the better
                    krawlers to be released into the buy market