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Clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

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  • HOW TO: Clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

    I pulled this from rcc for anyone that may be searching for ways to run a 2.2 clod. i figured it would be easier to find for someone on here.

    it was originally posted by run2jeepn, i take no credit for this write up.

    just hope it helps someone out on our forum.

    Well if you have a Clod and want to make it a 2.2 Comp Crawler. This is really the first things you need to do. Below is a List of items that are needed. Very easy mod and 100% bolt up. More of an upgrade then Mod really.

    Items Needed:
    -(100%) Offset 2.2 Wheels
    -Small C'ed axle tubes
    -Small Knuckles
    -Lock-tight (Lowes-WalMart)
    -File (Fine)
    -4mm x 12mm Set Screws
    -CA Glue (LHS)
    -10-15min of Free Time

    Optional Items:
    -Stock width CVD's w/14mm hex's
    -Mayhem 2.2 14mm BeadLocks with 100% offset

    The point to all this is to bring your track with in closer to guys running TLT's and Ax-10's. Helps in Turning, Clearing Gates and even helps your gear case from getting hit so much.

    Step One:
    Install the Alumn Tubes and Knuckles that are listed above.

    Step Two:
    Notice how the Bolt that holds the knuckles sticks out? Well this is what we are going to take care of.

    Remove the knuckles and set the brass bushings and spacers off to the side. The bolt you won't need. Just toss it in a Scape bin.

    Get your CA Glue and Glue these to pieces together like so. We have to CA them together b/c the Set screws have no head to keep them from falling out while driving.

    Now Glue both of these to the Knuckles themselves. Don't use much CA. Just enough to hold them in place. I just put a few drops on an hobby knife and applied it that way.

    Use the 4mm x 12mm Set screws here. Apply a little of Blue Lock-tight on the bottom half of the thread. This is the part going into the knuckles. Don't use to much here either.

    Installed and completed

    Last step and this will vary from wheel to wheel. The Beadlock I'm using were hitting the arms on the knuckles. A few seconds on the grinder and a little file time. Took care of it in no time.

    Here shows the clearance this gives you between the rings and the knuckles.

    Over all track width

    And here are some 5in 2.2 tires mounted up. Gave me 1-3/8in ground clearnace. Thats the lowest hanging part on the axle.

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    Re: How to clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

    I do belive that was run2jeepin who did that write up. Nicely done, maybe make this a sticky and credit the OG author?


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      Re: How to clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

      JP owes me one due to him posting one of my publications on his site...


      Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread


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        Re: How to clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

        did you guys read the post.. i already did mention all that.


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          Re: How to clear 2.2 Wheels with 100% offset.

          Originally posted by Rockbound
          did you guys read the post.. i already did mention all that.

          Oops I read 99% of that post, just somehow missed the part saying orginally by r2j. My bad

          Now, do you want me to make it a sticky for ya?