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NEW PRODUCT: HPI WK Gear Reduction unit.

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  • NEW PRODUCT: HPI WK Gear Reduction unit.

    I just found this over on the HPI website, looks to be a pretty interesting unit, Not sure of when it is going to hit, and it looks like it might add a bit more weight that is placed way to high in the air, BUT if you were to run a clocked motor plate in addition to this you whould be ok...
    Looking forward to seeing one in person!
    check out the full info on HPI's website...

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    NEW PRODUCT: HPI WK Gear Reduction unit.


    Transform the Wheely King truck into a rock crawling beast with this Reduction Gear Box Set. This genuine HPI factory approved gear box bolts right into any Wheely King for a perfect fit. It contains a tough metal case, ball bearings and all-metal gears for extra durability. The gear ratio is transformed from 23:1 on the stock truck to a whopping 174:1 after the installation. This Reduction Gear Box Set is perfect for rock crawling because it delivers stump pulling torque and the power to climb any slope.

    Recommended for use with #87633 Wheely King Crawler Conversion Set, but it can also be used individually or as the basis for a custom project.

    Retail: $22.00

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