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RC4WD Rock Creeper 1.9 Tire test

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  • RC4WD Rock Creeper 1.9 Tire test

    I've been waiting for awhile for these tires to be released and I know a lot of others have been as well. I have to say they were worth the wait. These are without a doubt the most scale looking 1.9 tire on the market today. We all knew they would look great, but how would they perform? I was wondering how well they would do with such a scale looking tread design. The lugs on the tread are spaced pretty closely together, but despite this, I was surprised how at well they performed. They aren't Out Croppers, the best performing 1.9 tires on the market today (see my review of them here) but they will do very well for the very scale looking trail trucks, as this is what most people will use them for.
    The tires are the new soft compound that the Out Croppers are made from, and have the same new foams as well. These tires are soft, and compress nicely, which gives them a fair amount bite.

    The specs

    Outer Diameter: 3.8" (95mm)
    Width: 1.3" (33mm)
    Inner Diameter: 1.9" (48mm)

    I didn't get to complete testing today because of rain, so I will be adding more to this review in the coming days.
    As I said, it was raining, so the tires got a good workout on wet and muddy rocks.
    Wet and muddy rocks are very hard to crawl on, so being the tires did well today, I bet they will do even better on dry terrain.

    On to the pictures and video.

    Here's a good look at the tires.

    With the soft tire compound, the tires do very well on dry rock.

    These tires are soft, they compress nicely.

    Some of you may remember this waterfall from my Out Cropper tire test.

    Rock Creeper vs. Waterfall Video

    I'm not much of a scale builder, but for you guys that are, just imagine how great these tires will look on your truck.

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    Re: RC4WD Rock Creeper 1.9 Tire test

    Great Write up. Can't wait to be able to get mine rolling on the Avy...

    I was surprised that they were shorter than the Croppers...

    These are more squared off, like a BFG AT...the Croppers are more rounded.


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      Re: RC4WD Rock Creeper 1.9 Tire test

      just saw them at ABC today, but John wasnt there to give me a price....
      They do seem really killer, nice soft and pretty grippy for RC4WD tires......
      I am going to need a good set of scale looking tires for an upcoming build and these might just be them....