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HOW-TO - TLT Steering Knuckle as DIG Slider

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  • HOW-TO - TLT Steering Knuckle as DIG Slider

    I wanted to do a little Dig set up on my BMV.

    I used Maxx shafts and found that one side of a TLT knuckle was just big enough for the female section of shaft to slide in.

    I took a drill bit and bored the whole way through the knuckle to allow the shaft to rotate freely.

    I had a metal spacer that I cut in half and smoothed the edges with a file.

    I then glued the "collars" onto the MAXX Female shaft...sandwiching the slider (TLT knuckle).

    By using the TLT knuckle, you already have mounting points for your servo linkage.

    I used two male Maxx driveshafts to finish the Dig system.

    I tapered the shaft that comes off the transmission and I also thinned out the thicker splines so they engage the female slider at any rotation.

    T keep the shafts lined up when disconnected, I took a Traxxas link rod and cut it down to the length I needed. One end was threaded and it screwed right into my driveshaft...the other end was smooth and spins freely on the rotating driveshaft from the tranny.

    All in all it was pretty simple and easy to set up. I didn't want the rear wheels to lock up since I want to be able to pull the truck over some obstacles instead of rolling over when in 4WD.

    It would be easy to add a brake, but you'll have to come up with that yourself...I didn't want braking.


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