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HOW TO- Easy method mounting MAXX driveshafts

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  • HOW TO- Easy method mounting MAXX driveshafts

    Others have done this method and say that it works well. I hope my little pictorial will help somebody out. I was a little confused after reading about it on RC Crawler...sometimes a pic can clear up that confusion.

    For me, the fact that I didn't have to drill out the pinion shaft on the diffs made it a no-brainer for me! I already had them assembled and stabbed my finger trying to drill them out...I didn't want to disassemble them.

    Here is a blurry pic showing what we start and end with:

    Use the 3/8" bit to drill out the bulk of the plastic. I found one of my grinding stones was the perfect diameter to match the TLT drive cup which made the fit nice and tight.

    Now, take the drive cup and your dremel or a drill bit and open the slot so that your screw pin for the MAXX shaft will go through it. I drilled the one side larger so some of the screw threads could go into the slot.

    You will need to shorten the drive cup so your shaft can rotate without this after drilling or dremelling the holes.

    This is what you now have:

    Assemble the shaft and drive cup:

    Bolted to the axle:

    To bolt up the tranny...this shaft was modded using the Traxxas #4927x Output Yokes which is explained in a thread by Bender.
    I finally got all the loose ends tied up. The servo gears have been replaced, the Delrin skid has bee bolted up, tires are glued and the Power Wagon

    To mount the yoke, I made a ball joint tool from an old screwdriver.

    I put the yoke in hot water for a couple minutes and slid it on with no problems...too easy!

    I used the dremel to grind away some of the plastic on the trans to gain some extra clearance for the yokes.

    Here is the final product.

    Aside from the MAXX shafts, which I already had, it was $6.00 for the yokes.