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HOW TO: Narrowing Tires

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  • HOW TO: Narrowing Tires

    In the mists of building a 2.2 Clod, I came across a great deal on All-T's.

    They are a great tire based on size for a 2.2 Clod. Because they were such a great deal, I figured I would give them a try. First thing I did was cut and shut them.

    Here are the pics of the process:

    They worked OK but still were a little to tight. During a comp this past Sunday, I really felt the pain. I could not climb a thing. The surface was wet and polished from the water. My 2.2 rig with masher went through the course like nothing. So I decided to take the knife to them again.

    I removed every other lug on the sides. This gives me the masher look and definitely softens the tire. My next thought if this isn't enough is to remove the center tread.

    I know I could just go with Mashers or Moabs but I love the extra clearance the All-T's give me.

    Here they are next to Moabs on 1 1/8" narrowed Wabash

    I will keep you updated on my success.

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