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HOW TO:P/L Wabash Wheel & Adapters Narrowed

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  • HOW TO:P/L Wabash Wheel & Adapters Narrowed

    I was wandering the AB Charles yesterday, like I always do and something caught my eye. ProLine has come out with a 2.2 Wabash All-Purpose Wheel and Adapter set. This one was for the Jato and Nitro Pede & Rustler.
    After cutting the package to investigate, I came up with an idea that this may be a great way to pick your offset when you are narrowing wheels.

    So with that I decided to buy them and do a play by play on narrowing them. I did one wheel last night and here is how it went...

    First are pics of the wheels and adapters. As you will see there is about a 17mm hex that runs all the way through the wheel. This is the innovation of the All-Purpose. Proline is marketing this as an easy way to change wheels without having to have multiple sets.

    All the wheels have the same offset. The adapters are the difference.

    They do sell the adapters separate of which you will need to get four hex drives adapters.

    So I proceeded to set up the Drill press to cut the wheels down. I was looking for around 1.25" width, about 3/4" less than stock.

    I took my time and let the cutting wheel do the work. If you force it, you will go off line or melt instead of cut. After they were in half, I cut the bead flange off the discarded end. I then sanded the chrome off of all surfaces that will need to have glued. And then a dry fit and comparison.

    Next was to set my offset. I first measured the adapter width, that cannot be changed. Then estimated how far I will need to cut on the wheel center to get the right Offset. I used a dremel and wheel to do this. It was easy to chunk away most of the material and then used the flat part to finish it.
    You also have to remove the screw mounting flanges to have the adapter fit flush. I guess if you wanted to, you could notch the wheel center to fit the flange in and then screw it. Too much work.

    As you can see in the adapter now extends out from the face of the wheel and will need to be removed. I scored it with an Xacto knife and then used a hack saw.

    To finish the job I sprayed some Zip Accelerator on the wheel center and then ran a bead of CA on the rim of the hex. This created a bond that will not give. I also did the same for the Bead flange onto the end of the wheel. I have not had issues with CA on narrowed wheels personally but have had a couple give in the club. May use something stronger.

    Final Product with Moabs


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