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HOW TO: GHawgs Cut and Shut

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  • HOW TO: GHawgs Cut and Shut

    Well, I had these G-Hawgs laying around and decided that I will cut them up and make them more usable for the Avy Scaler.

    I started out with a set of new Imex 2.2 G-Hawgs.

    I then wrapped tape around them at the desired area I wanted to cut to ensure a fairly straight line. I cut the two ends off, leaving the center.

    I preceded to cut the excess of the center lugs by cutting from the inside corner to the edge.

    After that I cut across to remove that piece of the lug.

    I cut the the center down the seam and now have two pieces for centers.

    I cleaned up the edges and then started glueing. My IC-2000 Rubberized Glue was hard as a rock so I tacked it with thin CA and will go back and fill gaps with the IC-2000. Another think to remember is when it is cured, turn the tire inside out and pull on the seams...if you see any openings use the CA to seal them up.

    Here they are for mock up on my RC4WD Beads

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