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    need help with lights for the scaler. what should i use how do they get wired. I have a lead from my winch esc that i cut so it wouldn't fry my esc when pluging it into the receiver. its the black and red wires that usually plug into the receiver. can i wire them to that?

    would like rock lights under the frame as well as full head, tail, signal lights.


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    Re: lighting help

    Look at these...I did this...a little expensive but not too bad for what you get.

    TLU-02 (Tamiya LED Light Control Unit)
    *** The Tamiya LED Light Control Unit TLU-02 enables various light effects when used with separately available Tamiya LED lights and LED Light Unit (TLU-01). The unit enhances overall appearance and realism of your electric radio control touring car. A total of 16 sets (32 lights) of LED Lights can be lit up by connecting two TLU-01 units. Set-up is similar to an ESC, and is simple to understand even for beginners.
    *Requires transmitter, battery, TLU-01 unit and LED lights (not included).

    Main light effects
    *Select headlights, position and fog lights to reproduce realistic evening and night driving.
    *Brake, backup lights and blinkers can be activated according to transmitter operation.
    *Hazard lights flash after car stops.
    *Realistic passing lights.
    *Lights flash during acceleration.
    *Siren-like LED Lights.
    *Unidirectional flashing of 8 LED Lights.
    *Back and forth flashing of 8 LED Lights.

    TLU-01 (Tamiya LED Light Unit) This is where all the lights plug into.
    ***This LED light unit can be used to light up as many as16 individual LED lights. Perfect for adding LED lights to your R/C models, improving realism and amazing your friends. Unit comes with 2 red and 2 white colored LED lights.

    Here is an example of what you can do...

    It is plug and play and you can add up to 16 pair of lights...

    Rckcrwlr's Feedback Thread


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      Re: lighting help

      thats alot of lights..thanks dad that does look nice. , but twisted is going to help me wire her up at east coast now! so i will use what ever he has for me.


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        Re: lighting help

        great information