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mamba max wiring

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  • mamba max wiring

    ok, have any of you had to reconect the servo plug to your mamba yet?

    i have to do that to mine, actually, i need a overall complete re-wire. is there anyone down at ABC that could do this? i am not the best are wiring, and for something as little as the servo plug wires, i would much rather have someone that's better than i am do that.

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    Re: mamba max wiring

    smaller the wires the easier it is. do you need to just splice wires together? or actually solder them to the board? if you just need to splice just strip them tin one wire then heat a little and hold the other to it. it takes but a sec to heat up enough to solder together. dont be


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      Re: mamba max wiring

      no, the black wire broke right at where it ccomes out of the case. so i'm thinking that i needs resoldered to th board.....

      luckily, i have a rooster controller i can us for the weekend, maybe, but it just sucks, i wanted to see the cowbell my motor had with a 9.6V pack...


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        Re: mamba max wiring

        yikes, thats a little harder then.