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MSD Rock Solids with P/L Flat Irons

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  • MSD Rock Solids with P/L Flat Irons

    Getting ready for Battle Grounds, I decided to take two wheel/tire set ups to make sure I am prepared.

    First set are my normal Comp set-up RC4WD Krazy Crawlers with Kreepy Memories and Mayhem Dbl Phatty. These have small hole cut in the side of the tire.

    The new set up is P/L Flat Iron M3/Memories on MSD Rock Solids. I didn't cut holes in these as of yet. They feel like they may be set up perfect to eliminate any folding over due to them being soo soft.

    Here are some pics of comparisons:

    Height (Flat Irons are shorter)

    Rock Solids

    Double Phattys

    Flex Shots...

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    Re: MSD Rock Solids with P/L Flat Irons

    nice give the flat irons a shot tomorrow! you will like them!!

    i ran mine with stock mem foams and no breather holes either, they worked great that way!


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      Re: MSD Rock Solids with P/L Flat Irons

      I would love to throw my sets of MSDs on that they lean towards that Mayhems weight....

      MSDs, red Kreepy's, and M3 FlatIrons is a good combo!