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  • Which is more useful?

    This is geared toward the guys that are running clod or Berg based 2.2's. Which do you see as more useful with a 2 switch setup...

    Setup #1 (how I have it setup now)


    Setup #2
    Position1: 4 wheel drive
    Position2: front dig (rear motor shorted to ground to lock rear wheels)
    Position3: front wheel drive (rear motor set to freewheel)

    For the 2nd setup, I would have to build a new switch mounting setup. I'm just not sure how often rear wheel drive is of use all that often. I think fwd would be far more useful.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Which is more useful?

    i use rear drive only a lot on both my clod and my berg. it comes in handy in tons of situations.

    i have mine both to have free wheel un shorted. blip of the throttle allows for dig and ease throttle allows for the wheels to turn.


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      Re: Which is more useful?

      I guess it would depend on driving style or personal preference.

      I have mine set up to lock & do front or rear burns. I don't really use Rwd that often, then again I'm not that used to it yet, but it is nice to have