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GMC Clone hybrid scaler

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  • GMC Clone hybrid scaler

    Thanks to Steel City Crawler I have a nice bruiser chassis.
    Shaved down some tlt axles added some MSD lock-outs & axle C's
    Got a chino skid from my buddy StIcK kInG & got my 1.9 'locks back.
    My brand new tires from RC4WD

    Powdercoated everything black threw it all together & got this:


    Gotta love RC4WD tires (I just hope theese ones work as good as they look!)

    More to come soon

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    Re: Chevy Clone hybrid scaler

    looking good coles!

    its going to be nice!


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      Re: Chevy Clone hybrid scaler

      OHHHHH...... Very Interested!!


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        Re: Chevy Clone hybrid scaler

        Well.....long time no update! I finally decided on a body, thanks to Stick King. He got this sweet body from Microgoat last winter & it was only a matter of time before I got it off him! And I know it's a GMC not a Chevy but...I'll change the title!

        Enough talking here's some eye candy:

        The body & front bumper aren't mounted to the chassis yet and I wanna make some rock sliders to protect that beautiful lexan! And a new bumper to get rid of that Ohio plate!


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          More Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I got the rockrails and front bumper done. Gonna get em cleaned up & coated tonight. Then rear bumper is next.


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            Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

            Made a new front bumper. The first one was very crooked....Mapp fumes!!!! Got the rear done also.

   ... 555006.jpg
   ... 555007.jpg

            Tire gate opens now!

            Good Clearance

            I carved some seats outta styrofoam last nite. Two front buckets & a rear bench.

            Then when i got to the shop today I cut up an old wife beater and covered em up.

            They're not perfect, but I don't it'll be too noticible inside the body.

            If I'm not too busy today gonna work on the dash, center console & a floor to hold it all.


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              Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

              dude those are nice!!

              that styrene looks familiar!! lol


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                Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                Well I got the dash done & the interior finished.

                hidden rx in the center console.

                With all them sicc dashes being built on RCC I had to step it up a bit, and represent for the GM/bowtie crowd !

                Opening glove box & ashtray!

                I gonna build some wheelwell and a bed floor whenever I get time!



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                  Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                  Awseome! you have stepped it up! nice work!!


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                    Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                    Well it's almost a runner, just have to make a steering linkage of all things!

                    Got the interior finished.

                    added a few details!

                    Gas tank skid

                    electronics tucked away

                    I'll have it running at the comp this weekend so I can beat on it a lil!


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                      Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                      I love it!


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                        Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                        Well I took it out for it's maiden voyage at the comp this weekend, and this is one fun truck! Everything works perfect, except for the front bumper. I need a better approach angle and the rear bumper bangs on every descent, but I guess that's what it's for. Bigger tires might be in this trucks future! I wanted to stay w/the Pa street legal look, but a lil bigger tire shouldn't matter as long as they don't stick out.

                        I snapped about 40 pics of the scale run & none of em saved My memory card is junk. So I went out in the creek behind the shop this morning to play a lil and snapped a few pics.

                        Tire tuckin!

                        Gettin my feet wet

                        I made it



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                          Re: GMC Clone hybrid scaler

                          Lookin' good, I'm glad that body found a good home.

                          So what's going to fall off first?