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found my old toy!

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  • found my old toy!

    This sat in a shed at my parents since I was 5 or 6, I'm 34 now!
    It's an old tonka jeep? I think. All steel.
    wheel base= 8.25 inches
    body legnth= 12.75 inches
    body width= about 5 iches
    plastic tires measure= 3.75 inches
    had a plastic top, it's gone. Would need alot of work but I think it could be cool to have an all steel body. I could sand blast it and make it look pretty good. make a winsheild surround and a rear roll cage. I would make a custom frame.
    Is this worth trying? If so what collection of axles and parts would work?
    I'm new to this scale stuff. put a 2.2 flat iron next to it for a size comparison.

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    Re: found my old toy!

    That is cool...I would say wait to see the new LOSI Mini Crawler...those axles may fit perfect...

    Start working on the body...and keep us updated...may needs some body putty...

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      Re: found my old toy!

      I would say that a 2.2 wheel and tire would be way too big. 1.9 tires are about 3.75"-4.25" so they would look similar to what's on there now.

      At only 5" wide, you would need a narrow axle. I'm not sure what the narrowest axle is, but I'm sure you could find something that could work.

      A metal body would be cool, I say go for it.


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        Re: found my old toy!

        Looks as if we think alike.

        I found these in the garage, and as Rckcrwlr said, they might be a perfect fit for the new losi mini crawler.


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          Re: found my old toy!

          A Jeepster Commando, nice!