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HOW TO: Make Wheelwells

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  • HOW TO: Make Wheelwells

    Crawler_King Thanks for the write-up:

    Ok time for some updates!
    After the GTG I picked up a Novak 55t motor, Now she will lift the front end and carry it.. If I'm careful the body wont tear off!
    Ran into Dad over at AB prior to the GTG, and he clued me in on his way to do inner fenderwells....
    So I am going to post up the how to here in my build thread.. Again this is Dads doing, his yota runs this same setup...
    Ok here we go!
    Step one, Get your hands on some TLT tires...

    Step two: Make your cut across the tread so you can open it up, you may also want to cut away the bead on the taller sidewall side, as it will make it easier to flex the tire.. on the short sidewall side start to cut away your sidewall,

    Step three: Once you have cut away and removed the sidewall, start to remove the lugs, you only have to take off a little bit, as this is where you are going to glue the wheel to your body,

    Step Four: Start to glue in the wheel using CA or similar glue, working your way along slowly and giving the glue time to hold, once you get about halfway along you can trim off the obvious excess tire, set it aside as it might be enough to do another wheel well with....

    Step Five: once the inner fender is in place you are going to want to further cement it in place by running shoe goo along the topside (above the tire between your hood and or bed cover) of the tire (fenderwell) and the body joint, this will further help hold it in place
    Trim it to clear your shocks and you will have a realistic and flwexible inner fenderwell!

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