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"Scaler" my scale project

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  • "Scaler" my scale project

    this been moved around on rccrawler (i wont post it up there again)

    chassis- home made ladder
    axles- open/locked tlt
    tranny- pede
    tires- imex g-hawgs
    body- 94 jeep grand cherokee (yes its a barbie)

    (it needs alot of work. still need to build a chassis)

    picking the tires out

    (barbie liked those)

    (i liked these)

    finding the ride height
    (barbie doesnt want to have to jump to high to get in her jeep)

    poser shot
    (barbie didnt like it)

    me and my dad are going to build a re long arm kit for the grand
    (it looks like this)

    (barbie also hates it)

    barbie pulled the bumper off and painted up and made mounts for them on the chassis

    and yes everytime barbie said that she hated what i like i told her to "shut up" and "you dont kno anything"