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  • Hummer???

    Ok so I picked up a 1/6th scale Hummer out of the trash, it is almost 95% there, it is missing a rail on the back of the roof rack, one of the windshield wipers, remote, and was partially dissasembled (underneath).
    I am actually considering what to do with it.. either put it aside for another day, and maybe stuff an E-maxx setup underneath of it (if the WB and tire size is right) or swapping it off to someone looking for a unique and LARGE scale project....

    So what do you all think??
    BTW thanks fopr moving this.. I realised I put it in the wrong spot after posting it...

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    Re: Hummer???

    im looking for a EXTREME large scale body that i can jimmy rig to my new xtm x-crawler if u have time will u see if u can do some measurments and let me know its match up to the xtm?thanks


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      Re: Hummer???

      I'll check those measurements and post them up, this thing has been collecting dust for some time now....
      I never checked out what might fit under it that runs independent suspension....


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        Re: Hummer???

        I see a tow rig in it's future...

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