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Tamtech 1/18th hornet

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  • Tamtech 1/18th hornet

    Ok so out at the bradenville meet I won an AX-10... While its cool and all I am really happy with my WK comp rig... So I swapped it for the Tamtech Hornet, some 1.9 tires, and other stuff...
    First off I wanted the tamtech over the Ax-10 in the first place.. Cause I started out in the rc world with a Hornet back in the mid eighties, so there is the nostalga factor.. Second I wanted a mini RC..

    So basically its quick, fun and ready to go.. I am going to have to look into upgrades eventually but for now its fun to terrorize my critters with..
    Definatly will recomend them to anyone who has feelings of nostalga for the opld tamiya vehicles.. Lots of fun in a small package..

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    Re: Tamtech 1/18th hornet

    Actually I am selling this, so if your interested PM me or see the details in the for sale section.