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  • Forum Changes and improvements

    The Forum has been up for three months now and I am going to do some adjusting based on the trends of Posting. I am going to try to model it a little closer to RCC for ease of understanding:

    1. Eliminating the Builds Section. This has become confusing on what constitutes a build. All posts will be moved to their respective sections.

    2. With the increase in Scalers I will be adding a Scaler Rig Category and splitting the Scaler Section into 2.2 and 1.9...depending on the activity it may get merged together in the future.

    3. Deleting the Nylint and Other RC's Section due to no activity.

    4. I am going to break out the Rigs by format (ie TXT, Clod, AX-10, etc)

    5. Adding a Body & Paint Section,

    6. Setting an automatic Pruning of the For Sale and Wanted at 30 days. If you want to keep it you will need to repost it.

    I am open to any suggestions...I think you can see by some of the requests that I am willing to do do anything that would ease in the use of the forum.